Dreaming of playing on a college golf team? Start planning as early as middle school!

By Coach Brad Sparling


middle school and high school golf

If you are in 8th, 9th or 10th grade and want to play golf in college, you should be actively thinking about the recruiting process.

Yes! You should start that early!

Even if your game isn’t at a level high enough quite yet to be recruited.

You can send letters to coaches, take visits to schools, call coaches on the phone. It takes a lot of time to find schools that might be a good fit. Start this process early!

Make sure when you do this that you have someone on your side who can guide you through the process and mentor you and your family along the way. Someone who specializes in doing this full time. Someone who can help you COME UP WITH A GOOD PLAN and AVOID THE PITFALLS that countless players and families make.

That’s what we do at Play Golf In College!

I’ve helped coach teams that have won NCAA Championships. I’ve helped coach NCAA Players of the Year. I’ve been in charge of recruiting for Duke and Ohio State and brought in some of the best student-athletes in the country. I’ve helped my two sons develop their games and both be recruited to D1 schools. One won the D1 Ohio State Championship twice and the other son was an Academic All-American in college. I’ve mentored over 80 young men and women over the last 7 years and helped over 95% of them receive scholarship offers to play golf. I’ve also played golf in college.

In short, I’ve seen the recruiting game from EVERY ANGLE. As a player, coach, father and mentor to elite junior players.

Don’t trust your future or your child’s future to a swing coach or someone who purports to be able to help with recruiting. Play Golf In College is the nationally recognized expert in helping juniors and their families navigate the complex recruiting process.

Contact us for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and discussion regarding your dream of playing golf in college and how we may be able to help.