Coaching Champions – November Edition


College Commitments/Signings

November is always an exciting month for PGIC, our players, and their families! November, 14th marked the start of the early signing period for our 2019 class. This early signing period is when players sign their National Letter of Intent. We want to congratulate:

Amelia Lee – The University of Toledo

Mason Wagner – Xavier University

Kristin Jamieson – The Ohio State University

Trevor Binau – College of William and Mary

Maria Howard – Ohio University

Jack Wertz – Xavier University

Dylan Stevens – University of Dayton

Kyle Schmidt – University of Dayton

Marissa Wenzler – University of Kentucky

Oscar Zimmerman – Santa Clara University

Allison Wheeler – Winthrop University

Jack Lindgren – Denison University


Golf Coaches Association of America National Convention

Coach Sparling and Coach MacDonald will be attending the GCAA National Convention during the first week of December! This convention is held on an annual basis for all of its members, including all men’s and women’s college golf coaches. Brad and Mark will be representing TPT Golf in order to spread the news to college coaches about the golf shafts and their benefits to these college programs. In addition to this, the convention will feature the USGA rules workshop, and speakers such as, Claude Harmon and PGA Tour member and Ohio Native, Jim Herman. Please keep an eye on our social media during the first week of December to get in inside view of the convention.

Off-season Seminars

We are excited to start our Off-season Seminars this month. Topics will be the new Rules of Golf, Etiquette, Life Skills, Course Management, Mental Game Training, Fitness and Nutrition, 4 Month Challenge where everyone picks one area of their game to focus on and they record weekly progress then put together a 3 minute movie at the end of 4 months to show their peers their progress. Plus, we are reading the book Atomic Habits.



Terms – Dead Period vs Quiet Period

It is important to note a few college recruiting terms that apply to this time of the year.

Dead Period – College coaches may not have face-to-face interaction with college-bound student-athletes OR their parents on campus and are not allowed to watch them compete.

Quiet Period – College coaches may only have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents on the college’s campus and are not allowed to watch them compete (unless the competition is taking place on that coach’s campus).

The dates in which these apply are below.

NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Recruiting Calendar

(a) August 1 through November 21, 2018 [except for (1) below]: Contact Period
(1) November 12-15, 2018: Dead Period

(b) November 22-25, 2018: Dead Period

(c) November 26 through December 22, 2018 [except for (1) and (2)
below]: Quiet Period

(1) A coach may evaluate at the two events (showcase and
combine) that are traditionally held in conjunction with the
Golf Coaches Association of America National Convention.
(2) December 2-6 (12:01 a.m.): Dead Period – The first official day of the Golf
Coaches Association of America Convention to 12:01 a.m.
on the day after the adjournment of the convention.

(d) December 23, 2018 through January 1, 2019: Dead Period

(e) January 2 through July 31, 2019: Contact Period




Our upcoming trip to Scottsdale is FULL! We recently had ONE spot become available for our trip to Colorado. Contact us ASAP for details and reserve your spot. 

  • Arizona Trip – President’s Day Weekend – Feb 15th – 18th
  • Colorado Trip – June 6th – 9th

Contact Coach Sparling or Coach MacDonald for more details